Why Isn’t The Stock Market Improving With The Economy?

Believe it or not, there is good news about the economy this year. Despite American workers paying 2% more in payroll taxes, consumer spending in January 2013 was roughly the same as the year before.

The housing market is slowly coming back to life since the subprime mortgage crisis and the recession that followed. Overall, U.S. consumers are not jumping for joy yet, but their confidence is definitely rising. So, why is it that the stock market, which started strong in January of 2013, seems to be limping along less than a month later?

Fear of Government Changes

The political climate of Washington, D.C. has many investors nervous. There have been signs that some politicians are pushing for interest rate hikes and other budget tightening measures that would cause stock prices to drop. Even though the U.S. government has not formally announced anything, many investors are cautiously waiting to see what happens next.

Congress may have brought us partially back up from the fiscal cliff with some compromises, but many other economic policies that are under discussion have not been resolved yet. Many investors want to see how the politics play out in D.C. before making any big moves.

The Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is staying just a bit short 14,000 as of late February 2013. The all-time high, reached in fall 2007, was 14,165. While one would think this is good news, a vast majority of investors do not feel that the economy is strong enough to return to that high level any time soon.

Some high-profile investors feel that government policies have caused stocks to become over-valued and as those policies are stripped away, prices are going to drop. Even though the numbers indicate the stock market is doing well, many investors believe that the average is a misrepresentation of actual market conditions.

Investors React Differently

Stock investors do not always follow the same trends that consumers do. Investors and consumers are looking at the economy from different points of view. Sometimes bad economic news panics investors into thinking that the Federal Reserve will come in and make sweeping changes to improve the economy, so they rush to the market in hopes of being “grandfathered in” before the changes take effect.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, policies like quantitative easing could come to a premature end if the Fed thinks the economy is doing well on its own. What sounds like good news to the average person, may seem like bad news to an investor.

There is no doubt that the unstable political climate in the United States is affecting the stock market. Consumers may have more confidence, but investors do not.

The ties between government and businesses are so deeply entwined now that investors know that big policy changes in one area will inevitably shake up the other. Right now, many investors are taking a “wait and see” approach; which means the stock market may continue to improve slower than the rest of the economy.

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Scouting For The Right Loan Lender: Thesequitur

The interest rates associated with payday loans are one of the most important factors that are taken into account, while choosing a loan provider. Interest rates naturally hold a lot of importance as it has an impact on the loan repayment terms.

Many people are apprehensive, when it comes to applying for payday loans as they feel that lenders will not charge them the appropriate interest rates. But this notion is not complete because there are many players in the market, who can provide you with a great deal. Here is a list of factors, which can help you to find the best lender for payday loans.


Various lending agencies are present in the market these days and it takes a little bit of research to ascertain the right lenders. One of the main criteria which should be taken account while looking for a lender is that they should be able to provide you loans with the lowest possible interest rates.

At times, lenders tend to charge various types of fees for their services. Therefore it would be better to acquaint yourself with their fee structure, so that a transparency can be maintained throughout all the transactions with the lender.


Communication is an important aspect when it comes to choosing the right lender for payday loans. Many times, people get saddled with unprofitable deals because they did not have proper channels of communication with their lenders. Factors such interest rate, service fees, etc. need to be discussed with the lenders clearly so that all the parties involved can be on the same page.

All the terms and conditions should be properly understood, and any doubts should be cleared with the lender, before the commencement of any financial transaction. Getting in touch with a lender personally can also be a good idea, in order to discuss and understand the finer details of payday loans.

Scan The Reviews

Payday loans are generally obtained in times of crisis and hence the chance of falling into the trap of lenders who charges high interest rates also increases. Even in times of desperation, people need to remain patience so that they can find a good deal for themselves.

An easy way to check the credibility of a lender is to check the reviews posted online by other customers. If the reviews are favorable and the lender provides with a competitive interest rate, then it is quite safe to seal the deal.

Repayment Terms And Conditions

The terms of repayment of payday loans tend to be different for every lender. It is important to understand the repayment terms completely, in order avoid any kind of default. Many lenders are quite flexible when it comes to repayment of payday loans and they can extend the original date of repayment, if a consumer is unable to pay off the debt on time. Online lenders have made the process of acquiring payday loans quite easy.

With adequate research, one can find excellent lending agencies through which a viable deal can be obtained.

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